Benefits of a Co-working Space

I took on the office space in January before the world turned upside down and I must admit that there were a number of occasions when I almost didn’t go ahead and open. Would people ever want to use an office space again? Would there be any businesses left to visit after COVID? Were two of my biggest worries.

After days of agonising I decided to go for it and here is why….

Quiet workspace
There are plenty of reasons we love working from home but sometimes you just need that quiet space to work in. Imagine no kids popping into your video conferences, not being distracted by the housework or something going on in the next room, not having to pack up your makeshift desk on the Kitchen table because its lunch time…. Sounds great right?

We’ve all missed social interaction terribly over the past few weeks, when I stopped working in an office the main thing I really missed was my colleagues. Working from home can be lonely. I longed for a quick chat with a colleague in the Kitchen or to be able to turn round to someone and ask for a second opinion on something I’d written.

Create a Professional Impression
Most of my Virtual Assistant clients are small local businesses. When meeting them for the first time I find it awkward to meet at a public coffee shop, for example, there’s nothing like trying to discuss confidential information in Costa. We’d often end up meeting at my home or theirs which as all my clients are lovely is fine, but it can definitely be quite nerve-racking going to the home of a stranger and hoping they aren’t a serial killer in their spare time!!!

The other members and guests who visit for events will be from a variety of different businesses and walks of life. Could they be your perfect clients? Are they selling something you need? Is there something amazing you can learn from them?

Sense of community
I want Help! Suites to be a real little hub for Sevenoaks, where businesses can support each other, learn from one another, laugh and collaborate. That’s why we’ll have an internal messaging system so everyone can communicate, there will lots of fun things going on for members and biscuits…. there will be lots of biscuits.

Siobhan x

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